Never Have I Ever

Before coming up to the Bio Station, never had I ever…

– been to Northern Michigan

– visited the UP

– roasted so many perfect marshmallows

– made up multiple versions of “the first cut is the deepest”

– sang karaoke in public

– eaten Cheerios with fruit juice

– eaten oatmeal almost every morning

– been consistently covered in mud

– mixed adobe for hours

– listened to so many podcasts

– felt the muscles in my fingers and hands ache

– gotten so many black fly bites

– heard of, seen, or eaten a morel mushroom

– learned so much about mushrooms and lichen

– played Settlers of Catan

– played Hammer Schlogen 

– been surrounded by straw

– shoveled hundreds of pounds of rocks

– had such a strong hatred for a set of stairs

– dried work gloves over the fire

– watched Peace Love and Basketball

– used Arnica or Tiger Balm

– broken my computer screen

– been in temperatures below 60 F during the month of May

– seen a slab of concrete be poured

– mixed concrete or lime

– cut so much lumber 

– done intense manual labor for more than 12 hours straight

– used solar power to play the Beatles

– broken up so much clay with one hand (Sondra)

– listened to Serial (Jared)

– planed wood for three days straight (Livvy)

– eaten this many Cheerios (Maya)

– found a morel mushroom while nature peeing (Maggie)

– fallen asleep at 7 pm (Rachel)

– built something (Corey)

– set tile (Tegwyn)

– liked this many people in such a large group (Lian)

– seen robots in the woods (Jack)

– applied adobe for 12 days straight (Kingsli)

– accidentally invaded a loons nest via canoe (Wendy)

– looked at moss and lichen so intensely (Laura)

– blown dust off a jig saw (Will)

– talked about farting so much (Hana)

– been harnessed to a roof (Krysten)

– been jumped over (Zoe)

– comfortably talked about poop (Fiona)

– stood on the roof in the rain (Siena)

– planed wood for three days straight (Livvy)

– been so exhausted; mentally and physically

– gotten close with so many people in such a large group

– built a building 

Today we had our open house, and had a great turn out despite the rain. Friends, family, people from the BioStation, even people that saw us on the news came to see all the work we have done this past month. Sadly, everything is coming to a quick close, but we are all so incredibly proud of all the work we have done and grateful for the friendships we have gained.

Many thanks for all the help and support that made this project possible!



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