Day 27 (Recap)

It was an awesome day friends! The entire crew was working hard and putting in some long hours. I left the site at 10:00 pm, and there were still people in the housing working. We finished placing almost all of the porch roof on the front of the house, and we got started on the other three sides. We also had an awesome group sanding the windowsills on the inside of the house. Also, tiles are in!!


I spent the day working on the deck with a solid crew—Hana, Maya, Jennifer, and Zoe. It was definitely a struggle in the beginning, but once we figured out how to cut the angles to best fit our other boards, we were cruising. By diner time, we had finished the decking on the entire right side of our building. Then, after diner, we cruised through and finished a solid chunk of the left side of our building. Tomorrow morning, hopefully we can finish the rest on the left side!


I do want to take a moment to appreciate how amazing all the girls on this crew are. They are some of the strongest women I have ever had the privilege to be around. There is nothing they can’t do. I have seen them operate power tools and hammer in nails with ease—oftentimes better than the guys on the team. Also, they are the masterminds behind all the amazing designs on the house. Even today, I saw Katie and Rachel hammering in galvanized nails with no problem—while also paying attention to the plum and levelness of the joists. And there is absolutely no way the deck could have gone in today without the amazing people on my team. I love each and every one of them, and I couldn’t imagine building a house with any other group.




P.S. Stay tuned to the social media accounts, tomorrow is our big open house!


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