Guest Author — Addy!

I am Addy. I am 10. I am homeschooled with my brother, Elliott, and sister,  Rose. Because of my dad’s job we come up to the U.M.B.S for the summers. We have come for four summers. This will be my fifth, but this year we stayed for the whole year. This spring my family and I had just returned from a trip and the Design Build class was here. When we saw them in the dining hall they invited us to help them mix clay up at the straw bale house and so we did.

Helping the Design Build class was amazing. I loved seeing their dynamic with each other and I was lucky enough that I got to be a part of that dynamic a little. Every one is hilarious especially Will. The first day I was sort of shy, but at the end of the day I wanted to come back each day and so we did. Each day we played a new game; we listened to music and  sang along. One day we listened to a podcast, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Each day when I would walk down the steps to my house I would think of the day and of how much fun I had. Even if we were just sitting down silently breaking apart clay and everybody was gloomy, I loved it. I think it is an experience I will never forget. I loved the feeling of the mud on my bare hands, the squish sound it made when I mushed it, how it dried  on my hands and arms and then I would pick at it.  We found various bugs and worms in the clay which we joked Fiona killed just by touching them.

I now know almost everybody’s name. I  have seen everybody at their worst and their best. Like one day Hanna started to cry just out of the blue and one day when the day was at it’s lowest point and everybody was worn down Fiona laid down in the straw and took a nap. I experienced them swearing and laughing, which both were entertaining. I think my brother and sister enjoyed the experience, too. I think Elliott especially enjoyed playing Mafia and the one word game where each of us would say one word and it would go around the circle and it would get very, very crazy. I very truly enjoyed helping them and hope what I did helped.


Addy : )


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