Day 19 Double birthdays!

In a group of 20 people, there is an 80% chance that there are two people who have the same birthday. We have 2 pairs. Today is Livvy and Corey’s birthday! Happy birthday! Coming in, I would never expected that birthdays were a big deal. We celebrated Kingsli’s birthday earlier this month. Now it’s Livvy and Corey’s birthday.

Sarah, Will and I started planning making a surprise cake yesterday. Sarah went to buy all the ingredients last night when everybody was occupied. She bought more than enough of the ingredients that we needed. We had 40 times more salt than we needed (and Sarah didn’t realize that the kitchen already had salt). We started making the cake at around 11:30pm, making sure that everyone was asleep (at least the birthday girls). When we were cooking, there was this noise in the vent above the kitchen. It scared the hell out of all of us. It might of been a raccoon or just the wind. Also we were telling scary stories so that did not help. The oven was not the best oven ever, we had to cook the cakes twice as long. In the end, we finished around 2:00am. It was a rough night.

Another issue was that Will, Sarah and I are not the best at keeping secrets. We thought we quietly hid the cakes in Will’s room at 2am, but it turned out that Jared heard us this whole time. Throughout the day, we had to find a time during work to finish making the frosting. Sarah took a “2 hour break” and made the frosting. Real settle. We also were not the best at coordinating, but in the end it all worked out. The cakes were amazing and both Corey and Livvy loved it.


Other than that, a little update on our progress. We started putting up the roof today. Our roof is almost done. We won’t have to tarp the roof anymore.

Tonight, people went out to celebrate. RIP raccoon who got ran over by Sondra. (Sorry raccoon).




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