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Hello friends! It’s Lian here. Please excuse my sloppy writing and hastily written thoughts because I am on deck to beat Maggie, Fiona, Livvy, Jennifer and Hana in Settlers of Catan. Our progress on the build is physically visible but our social bonds have definitely sprouted this week. Here are the top 20 of my favorite all revealing tidbits and happenings of this week intermingled with misinterpreted banal motivational phrases in no particular order whatsoever.

  1. Maya and I shared a pretzel Lady and the Tramp style #vegan love. Fish are friends, not food.
  2. Us girls are comfortable enough to walk around in only tidy whities and a sports bra. 
  3. Jared and I created a new language called ooodeling that consists of ululating tongue flicks and silly faces.
  4. Sienna, Fiona and I canoed on the lake and connected on a deep synchronized paddling level.
  5. Maggie has offered a free and informational twerkshop for all of us. Yet to occur
  6. Although we forgot limes, envelopes and the Bob shirt, Kingsli and I totally cropdusted the Walmart in Cheboygan 🙂
  7. Bob Ross is to painting as Joe is to Green Building.
  8. Saying hello like you are answering the phone is hilarious when Krysten is deliriously tired because she gets the case of the giggles.
  9. Loud Burping = Patch points. OOOOHH ahhhhhhh.
  10. That one time when Rachel sat down and yelled “let’s get vulnerable” during slip/adobe mixing at the kiddie pools.
  11. Laura and I got real close when we took a nature pee on the hill. Nothing better than urination in nature.
  12. Staring at Livvy creepily will result in laughing that causes stomach pain and possibly even indigestion; I don’t know, don’t ask me, I’m not a doctor.
  13. Joe’s riddles always involve PBR and possibly a beat up pickup. Sounds like the beginnings of a country song to me.
  14. Laura’s disdain for Hamilton’s soundtrack that slowly turned into mild approval.
  15. The giant rip in Maggie’s jeans that she felt comfortable to share with us all.
  16. During moments needing motivation Will turns into a football coach and will yell at you. Anything could happen if you just believe.
  17. Jennifer has a vast knowledge of all things Disney and will always sing “Ooh Child” by The Five Stairsteps when you sing oooooh really loudly.
  18. Making inappropriate jokes based off of building materials. Use your imagination people the sky is the limit.
  19. Everyone’s focus face photos are amazingly awesomely intense.
  20. Everybody poops (in the poop/guest room at the end of the hallway).

Today’s building events:

Our solar panel went up today and we are officially off the grid and up and running.

We mixed five batches of adobe and are on deck for next week.

One fourth of the outside of our house is covered in the first layer of adobe.

Our trench that connects the solar array to our golf cart batteries is filled in.

We were a little bit soggy this morning but things cleared up in the afternoon.


Solid chat peeps. My seat awaits me. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY EVERYONE. Love you Daneen Wardrop!


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