A Letter to My Body

First off: I’m really sorry about whopping you in the face with a wrench the other day. I was pretty tired and slipped up, but we can deal with that new bump on our nose and a speckled eyelid together.

Before coming up to build this little straw house, I knew there was a lot you could do, but over the past week, there is a lot that I’ve learned you can handle. I can feel your new muscles where they weren’t before, and sense the lactic acid aches that have become familiar like a good friend’s embrace. I’m thankful for your cooperation and that you tell me when you’ve had enough.  

Thank you for hand-mixing cement without too much backfire and shovelling over your head out the top of the trench. Thank you hands for slathering clay over raw straw and still having the energy to handle a fork properly at dinner. Thank you legs for scaling the scaffold and digging out spiteful sonotubes. Thanks carrying me up the stairwell at 7:30 each morning and reminding me to glance down at Douglas Lake before I turn my back up the hill.

I didn’t know we could work so hard so many hours each day. I didn’t know the muscles in your shoulders could lift 80 pound bags. I’ve run a few miles with you before and climbed to the top of the dunes. Remember that time we hauled the giant-ass metal canoe across the street and thought it was a good idea to paddle all the way to town? Yeah, I’ve seen you do some pretty marvelous things, but this is the 12th day in a row I’ve seen you put in this much work. I didn’t know how much endurance and power you had until I put you up to this. I knew you could pull the occasional all-nighter, but I didn’t know you could work from 7:30 til 6 without putting down a tool. I knew your arms could spike a volleyball, but I didn’t know they were quite capable of cracking a cement mixer, but daaaamn girl, I see you.


Keep up the good work, body. Keep waking up early and letting your spine crack all the way down to wake up the rest of you. Keep climbing the stairs at 7:30 and keep building yourself and your team up. And don’t forget to thank yourself every now and then.




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