Monday — Back at it!

Starting off week two with a pivotal day, folks came to pour our concrete floor. Getting the floor done opens up tomorrow to start on the walls, very exciting! Our whole class geeks out over cement trucks because we find their ability to be precise with a machine so large mind blowing.

We piped the floor for radiant heating if the biostation decides to hook that up down the road.

This morning we built the sill plates around the whole foundation in preparation for the concrete pour. We dug the exterior sonotubes that will be the base for our porch posts. Lian and Wendy spent part of the day upside-down in those holes pulling out rocks that the shovels couldn’t get to.


 We continued to mix adobe and experiment with recipes. Trying to break up our clay to blend in with the straw and sand had us all comparing the process to making pie crust. One giant pie crust to wrap our building in.

Post by Sarah McNamara


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