Sunday FUNday!!

After a long and exciting week, the gang decided to go on a fun and chill trip to Petoskey, MI ( named after or the originator of petoskey stones, I do not have the energy to find out) After brunch at 10.30 at the wonderful UMBS dining hall we took three cars and drove over there. I had the honor of being in Sondra’s car where we listened to the song American Pie and Hozier, Rachel drew an amazing Harry Potter on Sondra’s Quidditch clip board.

IMG_3600 (1)

It was a beautiful day, the sky was really blue and crisp but, it was windy and soooo cold. Because of the wind we were jumping from store to store, hiding from the wind.


We went to the grocery store and stared at cool veg and vegan snacks. Mags bought sweet potato chips.


Everywhere is inspiration for the Strau Haus!!! Everyone saw this coffee shop and thought this would be cool to do on the adobe.


We spent an especially long period of time at this amazing book store called Book Sellers. Siena and I accidentally lost the group as we were perusing the cook book section in the basement.  Siena bought an informational illustrated book about the origins of foods and different ingredients.


Everyone got a little peckish and we all re-grouped at Tap 30, where we all snacked on tater tots and sweet potato fries.



We headed over to the harbor, to look for petosky stones and then chickened out from the strong wind and icy waves spraying us. Here is Rachel taking some cool shots with her camera, maybe we will get to see them later! Despite the wind it was still worth it just to see the amazing view!! Hopefully we can come back and enjoy it more once it gets a little warmer.


After what was already an amazing day of adventure, it was a great thing to see that we were a great team on and off the building site. This can be seen with our fun Super Star Points board where we can make shout outs/ appreciate each other.


So with that I’d like to make a shout out for the wonderful Sarah who made everyone vegan chocolate cupcakes!!! Thanks Sarah!!! ❤

IMG_3629 (1)

As well as my bud Lian who helped me add decorations to my helmet in making a “let’s get hammered” sticker. Thanks Lian!! ❤

IMG_3626IMG_3628 (1)

– Fiona Tien






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