The Love Library and 30 Mice Build “The House”

By your teammate Maggie

Too much or too little
Too many or too few
We either have enough supplies and time
Or we’ll be back again soon

The Love Library provides
The tool crib supplies
Put the same things in a bucket
Get that shit organized!

Work hard, hustle harder
And Laugh with your gut
Dig deep, spread flat,
lift with legs If you must

Share your tools Share your jokes
And Keep your hands to yourself
If we all pick up slack
Then We’ll get along well

Teach with humility and Learn without pride
Share the weight when you should
And let the little things slide

We should listen to Mowgli
The man of the trees
Who has wisdom beyond years
When it comes to the team

“The strength of the pack
is the wolf, And the strength
of the wolf is the pack”
When we share work, weight, and smiles
Our pack will be hard to attack

There are 30 ones here
But only 1 group of 30
Quality over quantity
Don’t do things in a hurry

The hare works hard fast
And the tortoise wins the race
But Its important to remember
That we all have our place

Individual strengths
That we now must combine
In seamless harmony
So we can Finish on time

Work work work work work
Asimmi nimmy na na na na nah
Lets build this house yall
And lets do it “just right”!


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