Day three – Kingsli’s Birthday

Today is my twenty-first birthday, so to celebrate I thought I’d come up with twenty-one things I’ve learned in the first three days at the Biostation during our build.

  1. Putting together a saw table is actually a lot harder than it seems. 
  2. You can still somehow have a lot of fun even when it’s forty degrees and you can’t feel your toes, if you’re with the right people. 18275000_2044912612403037_1352492701564170212_n (1)
  3. The biostation cooks really know what they’re doing (and they’ll share their secrets if you ask nicely.)
  4. Concrete bags seem really small, but they’re still VERY heavy
  5. It’s easy to get ten thousand steps on your Fitbit when you’re trying to build a house.
  6. If you mention the song “500 Miles” everyone will definitely start singing with you.
  7. When twenty five people shower at once, the hot water vanishes in thirty seconds.
  8. I am still not a morning person.
  9. I will definitely be sore tomorrow and probably everyday after that.
  10. Teamwork really does make the dream work. 18216542_2044913325736299_4228299353342607360_n18268123_2044912732403025_18838672573872026_n
  11. There is a fine line between drinking enough water to stay hydrated, and drinking too much water so you have to run to the bathroom every eight minutes.
  12. We’re all a lot stronger than we look and feel.18198479_2044913195736312_1762698168572349031_n
  13. Refried beans look like chocolate ice cream if you add sprinkles and chocolate sauce, but if you giggle too much and give yourselves away, Jack won’t eat it.
  14. Encouragement is important to maintaining positivity.
  15. Using a saw table is actually really fun. 18222081_2044913075736324_8537912733029182881_n
  16. Impromptu dance parties at the build site are pretty entertaining.
  17. When there are twenty-five of you, no job seems too big. 18199577_2044876149073350_7772227802393656263_n18198650_2044876152406683_2615170985839296416_n
  18. People are always really skeptical and confused when you tell them you’re building a straw bale house. They all wish you “good luck” in the same tone.
  19. If you lie down too soon after a full day of work with a stomach full of good food you’ll probably be asleep until you wake up again at six-thirty in the morning.
  20. Fresh air, laughter, sunshine, impromptu dance parties, good company and nature really are the best remedies for anything that ails you. IMG_3582IMG_3584
  21. It doesn’t take tons of presents or even cake and ice cream to make a birthday special, it just takes some great people with positive attitudes to make your day special.

We made a lot of progress this afternoon with the foundation. Stay tuned for more updates on our adventure, and thank you to everyone who made my birthday special! Today was definitely top five birthday material!! 😀

Post by Kingsli Kraft


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