First day up at the bio Station!

We started out meeting bright and early at the Art and architecture building! Loaded up the U-haul (to the brim) and made our way up to the Bio Station.

Took a rest stop to grab some gas – saw a couple goofy things.

Arriving at the Bio station I was struck by the lake’s beauty.


And the lovely welcome note for us!


Quick lunch break


We headed up to mark off our site for the building and unload the Uhaul and set up our tools underneath a tarp!






After we set our site we continued building wheelbarrows and prepping the site!





After all our hard work we went back to the dorms to unpack and settle in for a bit.



We followed this with a delicious dinner (apple pie for dessert — Yummmm) and a Bio Station safety orientation and welcome chat.

We then had a more class oriented discussion about various details to hash out such as architectural details, the use of our building once it is constructed, and different writing and design assignments we will be working on for the month of May.

Even with the drizzling precipitation, we worked hard to get our site prepped as much as possible and ready for setting the foundation.

I am excited for the weather to get warming and take a dip in the beautiful lake!

Until next time, signing off from up North, Laura Desimine.


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