March 17: Test Wall


Today we built our test wall to get a hang of the technique we will be using this May up at the Bio Station.

First, we had to build wooden braces for our hay bales to sit on.


We also had to do some metal work to create tools to thread twine through our hay bales.


Some of the class started looking for grants to financially support our endeavours — specifically to fund solar powering our building.


Some extra prep work included splitting the bales. we had to split 4 so we had 8 halves! This technique looks easy, but surely isn’t.



Once we had our separate parts we began putting them together, stacking up the hay bales and supporting them so they stayed up!! Once they were all stacked up, we stabbed them with long metal rods. Tightening the bolts, we compressed the straw up to 8 inches!



This day was super busy!! but if we can pretty much build most of a wall in under two hours, it seems promising this building can get built in the month of May up at the bio station.


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